Resume Data Visualization 2017

Resume Data Visualization
Information Design / UIUX / Visual Design
[July 2016, 2017]

This Project: After reading a good book about crafting a personal brand and finding purpose in your professional life, I was eager to see if my current job was supporting an authentic career experience (i.e., am I going in the right direction?!?). One of the “Brand You” exercises asks the reader to articulate 3 things: personal values you believe to be important, your individual talents, and the professional skills required at your current job. After completing that mental task, the takeaway is to assess whether your required workplace skills are employing your talents, and also, uplifting your values. (Brand You: Turn Your Unique Talents Into a Winning Formula. Royston-Lee, David and Purkiss, J. A., 2009. Harlow England: Pearson)

As an information designer, this written exercise was interesting, because the results seemed to want to visually play together. There were definitely more dots to uncover and connect.

Curious to see the bigger picture of my career history, I started by taking a look at each job and phase of my professional life. Mapping my all of my former job roles and responsibilities, gave me a lot of data to play with. The required talents and respective skills that went along with each job seemed to show an evolving focus---and eventually thinking to color code the different data groups, easily communicates this professional evolution. The data layout shows multifaceted, layered relationships and (thankfully!) maps to a linear progression of time. Ultimately, the deliverable became a visualization of my traditional resume.