Resume Data Visualization 2017

Resume Data Visualization
Information Design / UIUX / Visual Design
[2016, 2017]

This Project: I started by taking a look at my career history and surfacing any trends in discipline engagement. Once I had a gone through the mental task of mapping of my past job responsibilities--the respective talents and skills that went along with each role seemed to show an evolving focus over a decade. I was curious to see if my cumulative job history was supporting an authentic career experience; I articulated what I believe is important in life (my values) and then fleshed out to see if my current talents and job skills were uplifting those values.

This exercise left me with a lot of data to play with. The data all had multifaceted, layered relationships and (thankfully) all mapped to a linear progression of time. Ultimately the deliverable is a visualization of my traditional resume--displaying a comprehensive career history (so far).