Fidelity Investments: Retirement Savings Assessment Infographic Campaign 2013

Data Visualization
Lead Designer: Information Design / UI/UX / Visual Design


The Project: For Fidelity’s 2013 Retirement Savings Assessment study, they wanted to find an innovative way to visually represent their data findings. The visualization had to be easy for readers to understand and conceptually aligned with their green line campaign. The new Retirement Preparedness Measure (RPM) infographic was developed as an abstract speedometer; a visual that is familiar to most readers. The speedometer visualization easily conveys each generation’s current measure of RPM, allowing readers to compare, and ultimately, take action. Every element of this minimalist approach has a justifiable purpose, allowing the core message to take center stage.

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Christopher Whitlock | VP, Executive Creative Director UXD
Audrey Cahill | Director Digital Sales and Acquisition, Campaigns